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WordPress has been the preferred method of website design for many designers for years and still hasn’t lost it’s magic. As a matter of fact, 74.6 Million websites out there today are powered by WordPress. This CMS has proven itself probably the most robust one out of all of the ones available today. Websites that are powered by WordPress are just as efficient and customizable as hand writing the code yourself. The difference with us is that we are actually quite fluent in HTML, CSS, PHP , mySQL ,Javascript and other languages, but when designing and developing with WordPress, the names of the languages listed above is pretty much all you need to know when building with WordPress. You see, WordPress allows you access to all of the files and scripts utilized to piece your website together, which means if you are experienced enough with the languages you are looking at, you should be able to change technically change any aspect of the site you can possibly want.  We make sure to choose a frame structure that we are both confident will suit the website requirements the best and simply customize the rest of the template to create a unique, robust, beautiful website that will fit the role flawlessly. 


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