What is online marketing?

I know you’ve heard the word over a hundred times on the internet, networking meetings, blog posts, etc. Do you know what digital marketing is?

Digital Marketing

“Digital marketing is an umbrella term for the marketing of products or services using digital technologies, mainly on the Internet, but also including mobile phones, display advertising, and any other digital medium.” According to Wikipedia. In our own words, however, in our own words, This covers everything that you would do online that advertises your business or website to potential customers. Neon Panda Web Design has a small team of dedicated specialists that have over 6 years of professional experience regarding digital marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). We use a combination of different methods in order to provide you with the results that your website and business deserve. This form of marketing is a mix of social media marketing, website marketing, and finding new strategic approaches in order to dominate your market. With Neon Panda Web Design, it truly is only a  matter of time before your website begins to provide your business with a whole new source of clients.


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How to market your addiction rehab center online to increase your rehab’s revenue

The internet is your “high prospect traffic area” where you know for a fact that your target audience spends plenty of time every day. Now, you know that your target audience spends hours at a time online, there are social media platforms that allow you to advertise to these people in a very targeted fashion making sure that you are in fact appealing to the right people who are actually interested in your services, to begin with. Online marketing is all about strategies, advertising the right way to the right people at the right time, and that’s exactly what online marketing is. By utilizing these online tools that assist you to target the right audience and be able to interact with them yourself personally, creating a much better and longer lasting client, service provider relationship. Social media is literally the future of the internet. Today, the average person spends a total of 45 minutes per day on Youtube, 35 minutes on Facebook and 25 minutes on Instagram. This gives you the perfect window to focus your advertising to your online prospects. By experimenting, researching and trying out new marketing strategies you can learn when your target audience is most active online, what content they tend to react best to and increases your sales including text, photos and videos. Online marketing is a much more effective marketing method than disruptive marketing (billboards, T.V. commercials, etc.). You see, the difference is, with un-disruptive marketing, your prospects don’t feel like they’re just being sold to, now, we are actually capable of educating the prospects that are not yet ready to buy, and teaching them exactly how your services can and will affect them. With disruptive marketing, it’s almost like having a car salesman yelling their pitch in your face “BUY MY PRODUCT, BUY MY PRODUCT, BUY MY PRODUCT”. As you can see, this whole method is not exactly what I would call…effective. By using social media platforms, online directories and other websites to funnel in traffic and slowly filter and lead that traffic to a new page on your website that you can directly control and edit. Using this funneling system , you can begin collecting email addresses and contact info from all prospects and depending on their actions, you will sell to them or simply educate them about your rehab center to show them how beneficial it can be for them as opposed to your competitors. The clients who have already bout your product should be educated in order to teach them how to get more out of thier service from you and an occasional sale or promotion every now and again to sort of feel out where these clients and prospects are at.

SEO(Search Engine Optimization)

Building a strong online presence entails much more than just social media, online citations, and directories. In order to achieve a strong online presence capable of doubling or even tripling your addiction rehab’s monthly income, you must make sure that everything from your social media activity to your SEO is solid! SEO or search engine optimization is the practice of figuring out search engine algorithms, understanding what these search engines are looking for to rank a website and how to maintain your rankings is in-fact your trump card here. There are keywords in the drug addiction treatment facilities niche that receives more than 10,000 searches every month. You can, by finding high search keywords, show up number one for these keywords making your rehab the first option that they see! The goal here is to expose yourself and your addiction treatment program online as much as possible, in all honesty, the more people that see your website, the more your clientele will increase. So, in short, one of the most important methods of getting online exposure is through SEO. We have been optimizing websites for all the major search engines available today for more than 6 years. We have had the opportunity to decipher several different algorithms and details that these search engines look for that effect your ranking exponentially. There are, however, different aspects of SEO that will affect your website a bit more than other aspects. For example, backlinking is a great and very much talked about part of SEO, which in my opinion, holds the most power to search engines. The way Google and other engines look at it is “Well if this super high authority website is pointing to that together website, then, that other website that is being linked to, must be extremely credible and trust worthy as well” Giving your website more credibility and authority on these same search engines. On the other hand, there is another SEO strategy called “meta data optimization”. What this is, is to make sure that your website’s meta tags are also optimized and easily readable to search engines telling the search engines exactly what the website is about, allowing the search engines to categorize the search results as efficiently as possible.

Social Media Marketing

This one is getting more and more relevant with each day that goes by. It is a proven fact that in 2017, your average person will spend about 35 minutes every day on Facebook alone. Now, the reason I mention Facebook is that, well, since it came out, it took the world by fire, and today it is the #1 most used social media platform out there. Which means a much bigger audience and more people who may want to buy your services! Not to mention, Facebook gives you the ultimate arsenal for targeting your audience, presenting your ads in different versions and it also helps you keep track of where the clicks came from, how many clicks you got and from who, etc. Making it easy to see what your target audience reacts best to and capitalize on that in order to keep producing content that you know your audience will love. Social media is going to be the future of the internet, and with Facebook leading this whole time, it is sure to be a secret weapon in your online profile arsenal. However, there is no doubt that in order to come up with a strategy that you are sure works and gives you good ROI, you do need to experiment a bit in order to see what sells and what doesn’t. Your goal here is to find out how to get your prospects attention first of all. Once you’ve achieved a strategy that is really good at getting you clicks and people to your website, now you much learn how to push it a bit further and understand what you can say in order to cause these prospects to actually become your patients. The key is understanding it, getting it down and then growing your strategies to maximize the amount of money that you are able to receive from your marketing campaign. You don’t have to worry about that however, Neon Panda Web Design has over 6 years of experience specializing in web design, web development, SEO, digital marketing and more, making it so that you don’t have to experiment with new strategies to come up with a brand new on that works! We have hundreds of strategies already developed for addiction rehabs in Florida that have been proven successful and will ensure you new clients, more traffic and more patients in the beds of your addiction treatment center.

PPC Campaigns

Neon Panda Web Design has worked with pay-per-click campaigns since 2011, giving us an extensive background and knowledge with these types of campaigns. Pay-per-click campaigns are normally executed with Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, Yahoo Gemini, BySellAds and info links. This is when you create an ad for your website and/ or business online and are able to show to different people who are searching for your services or at least searching within your industry. For every time that your ad is clicked on, you will be charged a certain amount of money depending on what platform you are currently using. The key here is to be sure that you are paying a very tiny fraction of your ROI. Let me explain a bit further, if an average click on Facebook Ads costs you 78 cents per each time someone clicks on your ad, as long as you’ve executed that ad correctly and it does get good feedback and you are able to sell to the prospect just by showing them an ad, as long as your ROI on one click is more than 78 cents every time, you will spend 78 cents and then earn them back and then some, after successfully selling your addiction rehab services to the person who clicked on your ad. Again, Neon Panda has specialized in all of these aspects of the online world for more than 6 years, you can rest easy. We also understand how time-consuming and difficult it is to get your website correctly marketed, search engine optimized and turning it into a hungry money making monster can be, which is why we are offering you our services. For the past 6 years, we have been recreating PPC campaigns, SEO campaigns, Website Design projects and much for the addiction rehab industry exclusively. We have the experience, the skill, the tools and the determination necessary to make your website expand all the way to $100,000 per month.

Analytics & Reporting

This is a crucial part of your online marketing, SEO and PPC campaigns. When you analyze your website’s traffic, certain click patterns that prospects may have, what times is your website most used, what kind of people tend to click on what, etc. By understanding what works well for specific audiences, you ultimately have the power to generate content that catches the eyes of your most valuable prospects and makes it almost impossible for them to overlook your addiction rehab center.  Neon Panda Web Design has a personal client dashboard just so you can also sign in and see the traffic, clicks, demographics that visit your website, not to mention that you can see and manage all comments all over the internet about your rehab addiction center. You can also keep track of your online citations, manage your social media posts and pages and tons more. Neon Panda knows that in order to succeed you have to test out strategies and techniques, analyze them, their results and who responds best to them. That there will give you the key to what works and what doesn’t work quite as well. The goal here is to keep track of your best and most effective strategies in order to keep building off of them in order to make them better and better, consistently earning your Florida addiction treatment center more money each month!

Blogging & Guest Blogging

Neon Panda Web Design is an expert content creation and graphic design specialist company. We understand how important having a blog is in today’s society, you see, blog posts may start out on just your website, but what really makes them so powerful is the fact that these blog posts can be shared across social media and used as a lure to attract the attention of the people who are interested in your addiction rehabilitation services and expertise. However, it is your job to use your blog as a place to show your target audience across the social platforms that you share these posts on that you are in-fact an expert and know what you’re talking about. By convincing these people that you can be trusted, there will be nothing in the way of exposing your addiction treatment program online and actually getting new clients and prospects that will fill a few extra beds in your rehab center.

Another great way of using a blog would be to get someone within your industry, or someone with as big of a following that you can find, reach out to them personally and ask! That’s right, you are going to ask them to guest post on your blog in order to expand your rehabs name to his customers and prospects as well and vice-versa. Most blog owners are going to shoot you down, do not become unmotivated or disappointed. This is why we have a back-up. Much like patients and prospects, other business owners in the rehab industry and even blog owners on the internet will not be willing to spend an extra 10 seconds on something if they don’t have to…unless, you are able to provide them with more value than they are giving to you, incentive. Offer them a free blog post with a min. of 2 photos, 1 video, and 300 words, plus a link to a highly authoritative site in order to ensure that you are giving that blog post ample SEO power to rank well. By guest blogging on each other blogs not only will you be creating new connections within your industry but you and your “guest blogger” will also be spreading the word and amping up the exposure of both of your websites and businesses (rehab centers) online and even offline due to word of mouth! We have been blogging now for more than 6 years, creating the perfect content to reach out and grab the attention of people in need of addiction treatment or people who have a loved one that is in need. Our job is to help you create a strong online presence in order to make your addiction rehab facility strive, but also, to help you help other people are truly in need. This way we can take part in helping communities and people in need by helping the health care providers (you) actually be seen! Just having a facility isn’t enough anymore. Now that a total of 86% of all patients out there today find their addiction help online! If you are not marketing your business online, then you are seriously missing out on a huge chunk of people in real need.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the part that kind of ties up all of your other online marketing tactics and gives you a chance to slowly filter all of your prospects and clients’ to the same place giving you a chance to directly communicate with them every 2-3 days. Here you can take the time to educate your prospects and patients and offer them exclusive offers, reminders, tips, or in some cases even sales! With a good email marketing tactic, you shouldn’t be sending all of your clients the same emails. You need to take the time to track each and every single click from your a social media pages or content marketing platform to your website and then to their inboxes to understand whether they have placed an appointment already, or haven’t placed an appointment quite yet but are interested in your addiction treatment program. We have been able to experiment with hundreds of different email marketing tactics and strategies, conquering countless different ones and developing the proper experience in order to tell what engages your target and what content generates more sales. Neon Panda Web Design’s sole goal is to help you market your rehab online in order to better expose your name among your target audience and put some people in need of your services in your rehab facilities to occupy rooms, increasing your income and helping you build your rehab even more