How you can use your online presence to occupy the beds in your addiction rehab center!

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Beautiful, User Friendly, Mobile Responsive and Enticing Web Design

Clean, Effective, Fast, Professional Web Development

Strategic, Targeted, Consistent, Professional High Quality SEO(Search Engine Optimization) 

Audience Oriented, Statistically Analyzed, Attention Attracting, Targeted Digital Marketing

Consistent, Reliable Website Hosting

Effective, Reliable. Consistent, Website Maintenance

The truth is that there are 90,501 online businesses based out of the United States and in fact they are generating at least $12,000/ year and 60% of that number are making just about that amount if any at all. just $12,000/ year while the other 40% is enjoying high returns, sales increases and constantly growing businesses that either are past the $1,000,000 point or almost there. That 40% is doing something right that the other 60% is not doing. Here I will summarize what these people are doing that is causing their businesses to explode with revenue so that you too can understand which way you should be going with your website in order to reach and even exceed these limits.

Online Marketing

  This part has a few more steps and different platforms to it but can be the most powerful and possibly even the quickest way of developing a following. This is when you take your website and announce it with the biggest microphones available on the internet: Facebook, Twitter, Linked in, etc. These are all social media websites that have thousands of visitors daily and has the ability to target your audience among them and lead them anywhere you’d like to in order to establish sales! There are so many different ways of marketing your addiction treatment program online in a way that will gain you new traffic and after that, it’s up to your website to take those prospects and push them to the “sale page” to initiate the new client process. 

  This can all be made possible through social media marketing, email marketing, PPC campaigns, online ads, and so on. Not to mention that there are various different ways of initiating these different types of online marketing as well. The good thing about marketing online today is that you can literally reach anyone you want anywhere in the world in order to entice them to buy services/ products from you. The whole goal as a collective is to invoke large amounts of traffic from different websites and online platforms to your website in order to target a small audience at a time in order to better cater to their specific needs and interests. Attract, Identify, Solution, Sale, this is the logic that we go by. First you have to actually bring people into your site that could possibly fit the bill, so-to-speak. Then identify what is something that they are having issues with that you can in fact fix. Make them realize that at the moment, their needs are PROBLEMS that must be solved. As a proffesional, their problem’s solution, to you is no more than a small process that you know how to do, once they’ve identified their problem as, well, what it is, a problem, they will need an expert to help them fix this and thats where they realize, they are actually on the expertsa website and trhats pretty much the essence of a sale. Its all about brand exposure, product presentation and a professional trust between client and addiction rehab, afteralll, they will be putting their or a loved one’s life in your hands!

SEO(Search Engine Optimization)

  SEO or search engine optimization is all about abiding by Google’s and other search engines’s rules and algorithms in order to rank your site decently on search engines across the internet making you the first choice to prospects searching for your services and specific keywords in certain industries, winning you the most traffic resulting in a higher prospect to client conversion rate increasing your business revenue by thousands of dollars per week! Neon Panda Web Design has been doing work with different SEO strategies and techniques, revealing different solutions depending on different levels of online presences. In other words if you have a website but have only had it for 1 year and only have a Facebook account connected to that business, you are going to need a lot of extra work done to your website on page and off page in order to make search engines trust you more for them to place you higher on these results pages. SEO actually depends on a lot of different moving parts that affect your online presence in different ways. For instance, a very high authority website on the internet today that gets ranked #1 for practically everything that they post to their website and the internet is Wal-Mart. They have such a high authority due to the amount of links from other websites linking to them, the number of pages and keywords on their site, the amount of time that their website has been active for, how many social media likes, shares, follows and views they have on the social media pages connected to that account, etc. So if you take that super high authority site and link it to another not so high authority website, google is going to recognize that as that other website also being extremely trust worthy since the super high authority site (Wal-Wart) is linking out to it, it must mean that that other website is just as trust worthy as Wal-Mart’s site. We have used strategies like these and many more since 2011 all the way to now proving 100% effective.

  However, SEO isn’t just back linking alone. It also consists of help from social media platforms, having the correct amount of keywords and variations of that keyword on the specific pages, inbound and outbound links, videos, content, pages and meta data optimization. Being cautious is a very good practice in SEO, it is extremely easy to over optimize, for example using the same keyword too many times on one page will result in a de-indexing from search engines. You must be thinking “well how the hell do I optimize my website correctly then, Josh?”. Well its actually quite easy once you have something to use as a point of reference. Let me explain, you have to approach everything you do online with a solid plan that is totally based of of factual, past and present analytics reports from websites that have ranked for similar keywords and how those keywords are performing and how they will continue to perform over time.  We use various keyword research tools for this but a pretty reliable one is the behemoth themselves, Google. The Google Keyword Planner is a great online tool for any SEO in need of a point of refernce for future search engine rankings. By searching the keyword you are interested in ranking for within your industry in the keyword planner, Google will show you the results of searches on a monthly basis of each keyword you search for and some similar keywords as well in order to give you options. 


  Once you have your keywords picked out, it’s time to write them out on a piece of paper and just begin typing your content into your website’s pages and smoothly work in those keywords where they make sense, each keyword must have it’s own dedicated page, however, this does not mean that you cannot use other keywords on other pages of your website, you just have to have 1 page that mainly focuses on one keyword, so if you are trying to ran kfor 3 keywords only, then you will have 3 pages, 1 page to focus on each keyword individually. Be sure, not to use your target keyword more than 2% of the whole passage. For instance, if you write a body of text that is 300 words, then only 3 of those words should be your whole target keyword. Next is your meta data, you must optimize it to rank better on search engine results pages. What is meta data? Meta data is data used to describe a single piece of data or a group as a collective. In this case, meta data describes what each page, post and object is or is about to search engines in order to better organize and index your website for search engines.

Web Design

Web design as you can probably imagine is very important when it comes to your addiction rehab’s website. However, this does not simply include the layout of your website or the style in which it was designed, it is a bit more technical and in to detail than simply that. This includes graphic design as well. All of the little banners, pictures, icons, backgrounds, and thumbnails have to look professional, polished and done in a strategic manner in order to gain the trust necessary from your prospects in to effectively interest them in your rehab services over the hundreds of other rehabs in Florida. Think about it, would you even spend more than 1 minute on a website with blurry pictures, poorly executed graphic design, an office you’ve never heard of, an owner with no background available to you and just a website that looks overall,  unprofessional? Of course not! because you know that there are tens or even hundreds (depending on specific location) of other businesses that offer the same thing who have had websites since 2014 and have evolved with the times, giving them an older website with more authority on the internet and search engines and half of those people also have a  much more polished website, with better graphics, better executed design and sales funnel system, leaving your old blurry, unprofessional looking website in the dust, a mile behind your competitors and lets face it, there’s no money to be made all the way back there.

On the other hand, having a superb website layout, content, services/ products, sales funnel, thorough online marketing, plus beautiful graphic design that is accompanied by eye-catching, well executed and polished graphic design can give you thousands of dollars in exchange for an investment that you made to initially have these beautiful graphics created. You have ensured a returning income from your prospects that are then led down your website layout with a series of effective call to actions, ultimately leading everyone back to the same page, the page we call a “sale page”. This is where the sale actually takes place. It requires the prospect to actually hit the “place appointment” or “request consultation” button and for them to successfully execute a sale. This is why design is so important. It’s job is to attract clients and be captivating and persuasive enough to lead as many people as possible to click on it and interact with the featured object whether it be a body of text, call to action, or even a video eventually leading them to the sale page after enough information and content has been introduced to them. This also includes your logo. Your rehab’s logo is the biggest branding point of any business, this logo should brand you consistently throughout all social media platforms, your website, and other online blogs, listings and directories bringing your brand completely full circle, giving your prospect/ client this sense of trust and credibility towards your company, slowly seducing them and bringing in new clients. Your impression on these people online is crucial which is why Neon Panda Web Design knows exactly the level of importance that this attribute holds. Your design can very well be the difference between the success and failure of your addiction rehab, after all, it is a known fact that an average of about 80% of patients today find their rehabs and other medical care providers online. If you are not being seen, then you will be left in the dust with no online exposure to your audience.

Web Development

Many people don’t really know the difference between website design and website development, so to start off, website design is everything that has to do looks-wise with your website, such as colors, fonts, sizes, shapes, placement, layout, and presentation while web development is really more regarding your back end code that people only see the effect of. How the website collects info, how it executes certain features, the way it calculates data and shows you results and even how fast and smooth the website itself operates under pressure and completely on idle. You must make sure that your web development is clean and smooth. If you put yourself in the client’s shoes, would you even attempt twice to open up a website that took more than 5 minutes to open? Most likely not, in fact, statistical sources available on the internet today show that 90% of prospect won’t even let your website load for more than 3 seconds before they close it due to the lack of interest. Websites should take a max of 3 seconds to open up a page and serve all of your content in an organized, clean and effective fashion.

Web development also has a lot to do with the animations, features and the way your website operates. These details all must be in accordance with your target audience’s taste and exactly what they’re looking for in a service or product provider. There are way too many websites on the internet today that just didn’t put enough planning into web development and end up letting $1000s just walk out the door. If your website operates smoothly and fast, you are more probable to capture the attention of a prospect and convert them into returning loyal clients. So your website already looks like a million bucks, but it’s performance has to be up-to-par with its design in order to even get the chance to present your beautiful website to your target audience otherwise, they won’t even bother giving it or your business the time of day. Professional looks and performance is key.

Website Hosting

Web hosting may not be the most crucial part of getting your website seen by thousands of prospects, but reliable hosting at a fixed rate no matter how many websites you want on your plan will always be the same amount that you began with in the first place. A good website that is being marketing and optimized for search engines is a complete waste of time with crappy hosting. If you’re hosting is below today’s standards, you will likey be faced with a slow website, one that constantly goes down and is hard to access by prospects or any other visitors. One thing I’ve seen one too many times is a website that operates no problem while on idle, but as soon as it receives a few new visitors, we get blank screens, error messages, broken layouts and containers and even 404 errors! With I’m sure you can imagine is very counter intuitive for your website and business. You can host your own website on a local server that you may own or have access to. Or you can just go with a reputable service provider.

Website Maintenance

When it comes to your website maintenance, it really takes a professional to update the website and all of the files that make up the websites in order to keep it running in top condition in order for its performance to be at it’s peak when it most needs to be. Periodically the existing code language versions become obsolete and must be updated in order to keep your website up with the times.

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