Addiction Rehabilitation Center Web Design

Neon Panda Web Design focuses exclusively on working with Florida rehab centers to develop their online presence and cause prospects to see your rehab online and increase the amount patients in your rehab. This all, however, begins with a website. Which is why we have a small dedicated team of web designers on-site from the beginning, that understand exactly what your potential patients are looking for in your website. What some people don’t understand is that the way you design your website has a huge effect on ow your traffic reacts when they try to navigate through it. For example, if things are too hard to find, not organized and inconsistent, you will be putting yourself at a disadvantage and you will lose clients. Neon Panda designs websites based on what your target audience finds best, also, in order to build up enough trust, we are sure to create a finished product that looks and feels professional, polished, high quality and innovative. This is the representation of your rehab center after all, so we want to make sure that it projects exactly what your partiucular addiction rehab facility is about.


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Responsive Web Design

The point of designing a website is to get more exposure online, in order to take advantage of the enormous audience available to you online and even double your income in the process of doing so. So, that being said, you must make sure that your website is accessible to everyone on all kinds of different devices including phones, laptops, tablets and obviously desktops. These are all platforms that are necessary to optimize your website for as most common house hols have atleast 3 out of 4 of the recently mentioned devices. As a matter of fact, it is proven that 85% of all traffic on your website will be from mobile phones. If people arent even able to see your website, you are going to lose a lot of prospects that were ready to become your clients.

All of Neon Panda Web Deisgn’s are all guaranteed 100% responsive on all devices. We have had the opportunity to design websites back when there were 2 different websites needed just to be able to view them on both mobile devices and desktops. Now, all of our websites are made but once, cutting costs for you and saving time for the both of us. Making your website 100% accessible from all parts of the world on absolutely any device. The goal with this is not letting even one potential client get away and being able to market your Florida addiction rehab to anyone and everyone at any given time.

Professional Web Design VS Non-Professional

The difference between a professional website and a quick DIY website, is the simple fact that when a pro builds a website, we know exactly what to expect after having a chance to do it a few times already, we have had the opportunity to design many different addiction rehab websites in hundreds of different ways, also giving us insight on how the clients, prospects, and website visitors react to different types of designs. For example, a simple thing that can really affect your traffic like color scheme can seem great to you as the business owner, but what good is it if it actually brings your sales down? Too strong color schemes are a really great way to drive away traffic and most rehab owners would never be able to tell. Neon Panda Web Design takes huge pride in all of our works, treating them all as individual works of art and giving them the care, attention, and details necessary to make them room occupying machines.

Web Development

To you, this part may seem a bit less important when it comes to gaining more traffic and increasing your addiction rehab center’s revenue, but that is why Neon Panda differs from its competitors. We understand that your website looking good is important, but web development is the code part of the web design process. How you decide to code your website has very different effects depending on the way that your code it. Now we are getting more into the inner-workings of everything. Web development is what is going to affect your rehab’s website the most when it comes to performance. The speed, reliability, the way your website calculates and more is all directly affected by your website’s code. We make sure that the code is minimal and as smooth and clean as possible in order to keep your website running fast and strong. By having a slow, glitchy, or unreliable website, you are selling both you and your Florida addiction rehab center short by giving your clients the idea that, like your website, your services will be unreliable. This is why we focus so heavily on web development as well while our competitors over-look sloppy code.

Graphic Design

We also take great pride in our graphic design work. Without a graphic designer on your team, you’re looking at a pretty dull looking website. Graphic design is what lets you give your addiction rehab site some of that “pop” effect, better catching the eyes of your target audience. You want your website to be captivating to pull in whoever’s eyes touch it. This is where we can take creativity and let it shine, creating each and every single one of our graphics from scratch by hand! Taking the time to effectively brand your rehab website, capture the essence of your message and obviously, make sure that it is up-to-par with your target audience’s standards. Neon Panda Web Design provides our addiction rehab clients with professional web design for ads, banners, logos, website objects and anything else marketing related that you may need a graphic designer for. At Neon Panda Web Design, we have a dedicated team of graphic designers that have been designing with us since 2011 exclusively working with the addiction rehab niche. Your graphics are really what can add life to your website without overwhelming the visitor.

eCommerce Capable Designs

Our team also has tons of experience in eCommerce website development, since 2011, making it possible to accept payments right on your addiction rehab’s website. eCommerce websites a bit different in terms of what they do and how they are developed. In order to create an efficient eCommerce website, there must be an eCommerce website platform in place. We at Neon Panda Web Design are experts at developing a platform for you in order to completely customize it to the “T”.  Yet, we also specialize in the biggest eCommerce platforms available today, like Woocommerce, Magento, Shopify and more making it easy for you to accept payment upon booking a new appointment, and even sell merchandise and other products through your website! eCommerce websites have been growing in income and in size for over the past 3 years. Today, 65% of all eCommerce stores online are making at the very bare minimum $2000 every month on average! With some real marketing, SEO, and a beautiful user-friendly interface, you can sky-rocket your sales in the matter of a few weeks!

Content Creation

Did we mention that we are also expert writers and content designers as well?! So even if you don’t know exactly what you’d like to put on your website, there’s no problem. With our expertise, we understand exactly what kind of content your target audience responds to best, whether its video, audio, text, and images. Given that we have only worked exclusively with rehab centers in the past 6 years, we know what makes your audience tick! Every word, every graphic, every video that you post to your website, ads, social media pages and other places where your target audience is supposed to see, has an effect on how they react in your sales process. You don’t want to totally miss your audience’s interest, you want to identify it and capitalize on it in order to bring in more patients!

Professional Photography

Whats a good website with bad pictures?! We have seen too many times where a website is spectacular in every single way, the design, development, some times even good SEO and marketing. However, the problem with them is the fact that their images look like they were shot from a 90’s phone. The effect that this has on your traffic is absolutely crucial, it is very hard for people to trust that you are a professional when parts of your website look completely unprofessional. Keep in mind that theses people have not yet seen you, your rehab center, your team or anything! The only thing that you are giving people to look at and expecting to trust is your online presence. So if it gives your visitors a sense of un-comfortability, then that is exactly the same way that they are going to view you and your addiction rehab center. Not to mention that no one is going to even want to pay any mind to what you are trying to say because there is nothing to really catch their attention with. A good, professionally taking photo and then after going a professional graphic design process, you are able to create mesmerizing photographs that not only attract the user’s attention, but their eyes will only want to look at the beauty of your creation giving them a reason to receive the message that you are trying to get across to them. We create beautiful photographs that are aimed at getting your target audience’s attention and interest, specifically.

Website Redesign

From time-to-time, all websites need a little makeover in order to #1 keep up with the constant evolution of the internet and how people interact with it, #2 keep up with their target audience’s interests, #3 to evolve and keep growing your website to a constant money making-monster, and #4 if you just have a bad website, plain and simple that is not doing what it should be doing, and that’s making you known within the large population of people in Florida who are in need of your services or are looking for your services for a loved one. Neon Panda Web Design is Floridas expert web design company with a dedicated team of web design specialists that are able to make any website a working piece of art with the ability to market your drug addiction treatment facility in Florida. With our skills in HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, Jquery, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc. and extensive experience, we are able to make any old website unique, beautiful, user-friendly, mobile responsive, and eye-catching for your target audience. With a brand new look and fresh feel to your addiction treatment center’ s website, you are giving your website the opportunity to grow and ultimately affect you, you employees and people in need of your care in an extremely positive way filling your rehab’s beds, your’s and your employees pockets and making it 10x easier for people suffering from drug addiction to find you  and after that, their sobriety!

Website Maintenance & Updates

Websites are digital machines that operate day and night putting stress on actual machines(the servers that they are hosted on) by saving different files, cache, customer information and more. Not to mention the actual browser, code, server and software updates that must be kept up with otherwise, it will eventually lead to your website being unviewable to everyone! Which we both know that that is not good! Which is why Neon Panda Web Design also offers monthly website maintenance and update packages based on how much work your website needs done on a monthly basis. Having dealt with the thousands of different websites that we have dealt with, it gives us an inside view on what actually works best for each situation. You see, not all websites require the same amount of maintenance and updating. Generally, rehab center’s tend to have forms and other objects like that on their websites, creating a website that actually does calculate and needs to keep track of more things than usual and taking in new information. Normally, this information all has to be stored somewhere, in the server that hosts your website, meaning that this kind of website does require a bit more upkeep as far as organizing this information and keeping only what’s necessary to ensure that your website is running light weight and with efficiency. This will give your customers a much more enjoyable experience on your website due to more speed from keeping your website up-to-date, organized, and overall well maintained! Keep your website healthy and your visitors happy.