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We have been helping addiction treatment centers and addiction rehab centers in the Tampa Bay Area for over 6 years to market their business online and begin occupying your rooms! We have an on site dedicated team of web designers, search engine optimization experts, and digital marketing specialists. We understand the needs of the addiction rehab industry, which means we have the necessary marketing solutions to get your rehab center in front of the correct audience, resulting in more occupied beds in your facility.

Neon Panda Web Design also provides…

Blogging/ Guest Blogging

Yea, Sometimes blogging is a pain in the ass, I know. However, in order to get decent rankings and authority on Google, blogging is the way to go, but that means blogging twice, three times…honestly, I know people that blog 3-5 times/ DAY! Yea, these are people who really want it. What a lot of people don’t understand is that blogging takes alot of time. especially if you’re going to do it right. We are willing to take that burdon and make it the key to your online success. Blogs have so much success stories and such a solid way of gaining you the authority and credibility that your business needs to thrive online as well as offline! We also offer guest blogging in order to boost metrics and do our clients a favor as we receive a favor in return that will boost our rankings on Google!

Website Re-Design/ Revisions and Edits

Yea, its true. Those once upon a time beautiful websites with amazing features and all the bells and whistles eventually become yesterdays paper, old news, obsolete, old school and last but not least played out! sorry to say so but, its the truth. That’s why we now offer website re-design to the public, in order to re-polish that old dusty site of yours and catch it up with now in days evolved times. On the other hand, maybe you want to go with a whole new feel, a more modern feeling website from the inside to the outside. No problem we hear you loud and clear and have many different options for you.

Social Media Marketing

Social media can be a huge time killer, but, when used in the appropriate way it can become a large source of income by itself bringing in thousands weekly, or daily! Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, etc. serve as a perfect high traffic location with prospects ALL OVER THE WORLD giving you a chance to up your clientele and profits! In order for the affects to be maximized, you have to know exactly how to configure your account and how to execute your post, shares, likes, etc in a way that most attracts your target audience in order to win them over as clients. We know that social media marketing is a huge task and that can be extremely time consuming. Neon Panda Web Design is exactly what you need if you are a business owner who is in need of social media marketing but does not have the time or knowledge to do so successfully in a way that is sure to bring you back the most income for your investment. 

Analytics Reports and Website Monitoring

Keeping track of the traffic that you do get is the number one way of knowing what to publish next in order to retain and and grow that audience and push it past limits you thought were difficult or even impossible. By paying attention to what your current leads, customers, prospects and visitors do on your website, such as what they tend to click on most, what direction they mostly end up going in what do they overlook and other data, this will give you insight on what works with your audience and what doesn’t. Giving you an edge on the game, but what if you don’t have time to personally do it? No worries at all, Neon Panda Web Design will worry about analytics and will give you monthly, weekly or daily analytics reports, break them down and discuss with you what steps should be taken in order to grow the traffic you are getting now to unbelievable numbers.

Why Opt for Neon Panda?

Neon Panda Web Design has been working with rehab facilities and drug addiction treatment programs since 2011 giving us extensive knowledge in marketing, SEO, and web design that works in the addiction rehab industry.

You want to sell your services to, understand how to peak their interests, their problems and use that as a form of connection to begin attracting them to your website. We also provide a perfect online marketing one-stop-shop as we specialize in websites, SEO, online marketing, website maintenance, hosting, email marketing, web development and more. We come to you so that you don’t have to worry about going out of your way.

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Neon Panda Online Marketing Experts!

I’m sure you’ve been in the spot where Facebook Ads or Google Ad Words promises you clicks and clients for pennies on the dollar, you give it a few months and hundreds of dollars, but no new clients from these measures. Trust me, we all have been there at least once. That is simply the way that you learn and create the experience in marketing, you try different formulas until one of them works…Hmm sounds like your money being flushed down the toilet for quite a period of time if you ask me. Why do that, when you can have a pro on your team with all of the answers and correct marketing, SEO and web design strategies that has already done it hundreds of times ensuring a win for your addiction rehab center.

Get a free eBook now that explains exactly how to market, SEO, and design your website and business online in order to put together a strong online presence to rank above your competitors, there for being seen first, gaining some extra leverage on your industry and not to mention, own your social media audiences and derive an income from them as well, filling your rehab center’s beds, and putting more cash in your pocket!