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Design vs Development; Not many people know this but, there is a difference between website design and website development.

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Website Design


We design websites that are sure to project what you and your business are about but at the same time making sure that the functionality is up to par with your industry, your business and your clients standards. A lot more goes into the design of your website than you would think. In order to make the perfect website that will cater to your target audience, project you and your business, and function flawlessly you must first know who your target audience is, what they look for in a website, what provokes them to click certain links, how to direct their attention to the appropriate information, how to present all of the data and information to them in a way that interests the, etc. Neon Panda takes all of the necessary measures in order to ensure that all of the appropriate steps are taken and that all of the right research is done to provide you with a final product that is sure to exceed the standards within your industry and requirements. Besides, everyone wants a website that is attractive to the eye because in all honesty, if a website just simply does not jump out at your visitors, they are simply going to be uninterested. When designing your website we also keep in mind that there is a certain psychological element that comes into play in order to grasp the visitors attention and keep it long enough to convert a visitor into a client! Colors, graphics, placement and effects really have a huge impact on whether or not they will become a client or just another visitor whom was simply not interested. Which is why Neon Panda knows to pay close attention to the design as well as to the development because in all reality they are both equal when it comes to building a website that will fit the way that you do things and provide results. 

Website Development


When developing different areas of different websites, we keep in mind that code is much more than just letters and symbols. It is much like poetry, you have a specific idea that you want to manifest into a message that will serve a function once read by the right person (in this case a browser), but the cleaner you write it all out (placement of words, vocabulary, and sometimes omitting certain parts) the easier it is for the person(or browser) to understand it. Most of the time when it comes to website development, less is more. Once the final product has been brought to life it is a truly beautiful sight. The developing is just as important as the designing…just think about it, what good is a pretty website if it doesn’t do what you want it to do, which is why you should get in contact with us to make sure that your website is developed by real specialists.

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